Thursday, June 7, 2007

Seriously, Don't I Just Blend Right In? Come On. Where's Weevil

Okay here we have this gorgeous dress. Oh my god am I in love! It's so chic and you could wear it to a dinner or even a party if you wanted. Totally justifies the not too expensive $168 you will have to spend.
Then there is the leather gold- finish skimmers from Bettye Muller. They are so cute, would be perfect for this dress. Only $328. Ha! A girl can dream right?
And to finish this feast for oyur eyes off, we have a great bangle. It is a vintage watch suspended in clear casting resin. What is not to love about this bangle? Seriously, you go pretty much go any way with it. It's $298, way too expensive, but you could make your own if you bought resin and an old watch. I want this so bad, i guess I have an excuse to finally buy that resin I've been eyeing.

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