Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Hero Is The One That Stays And The Villan Is The One That Splits

I am seriously loving The Kooks right now. It all started a week or two ago when iTunes had Ooh La for free. Best. Day. Ever. At first I wan't sure I'd like it, but then I listened to it and WHAM! yes, wham. I can't stop listening to these guys. My favorite tracks are Ooh la, Naive, and She Moves In Her Own Way. Actually, those are the only tracks I bought, but they're still my favorite! I usually get bored with music for a while after about 2 weeks, so far it hasn't happened yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because I love them ( have I mentioned that yet?). So what I'm saying is go buy The Kooks. I don't care if you buy one song, or the whole CD, just as long as you listened to them. They are very good and I'm sure that if you gave them a chance, you'll fall in love too.


Emma said...

Fabulous blog. Exchange links?

teenfashionista said...

The Kooks = love. I can listen to "She Moves In Her Own Way" on repeat for hours.

robot-walk said...

Those are my favourites as well!! I love the Kooks, I (finally) saw them perform at a festival a few weeks ago and they where even more amazing live!