Thursday, July 19, 2007

Haven’t You Heard? I’ve Got Friends In Low Places

Okay. So technically, I would never, ever wear this. Nothing is wrong with it, I just am not big fan of coats. ( I don't really need them where I live) On the other hand, I love houndstooth and it projects a strong mod vibe. It would look great when paired with something simple and basic. It would really punch it up. Hurry, though, because there are only 5 left! Here for $95. I am just such a sucker for anything fun and kitcshy. It just makes me smile seeing something so carefree and it makes me feel like a little kid. They add that childish ( in a good way) air to anything. Here for $18.
Wow. Ok, where to start? First off, it's a ring. That makes it okay in my book. Secondly, look how huge it is! And it is just so sparkly and not at all garish. I would wear this everyday for pete's sake. Can you imagine all the things you would wear it with? Plus, it resembles nothing like real at all. Here for $6.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ah, It's Like a Little Kitchen Area, Huh?

Okay, so I have been having a severe case of writer's block lately. I should be better in a week or so, but for now you'll have to just look at the pictures. Sound good? I'm not going to put links to these items. They are all from If there are any that you really love or want to check out and can't find it on the website, then just tell me and I will help.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hey Flo Jo! Slow Your Ass Down

Sorry for this being short today. I just got back from the beach and am exhausted, but I wanted to give you something. So look and enjoy these little necklaces. Boat neckalce- It's 14k gold and it's a friggin sailboat! $190 here.
Car necklace- Again, 14k gold and a friggin car! Whatis not to like about these? Anybody? Didn't think so. $190 here.

I have a desperate plea for everyone. I used to go to this clothing website religiously, but not lately. Now I have forgotten the name and can't for the life of me remember it. It sold higher priced items like shopbop does. I think it started with a T... or maybe a J? Please, if anybody has any idea what I',m talking about please let me know!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Guess I Just Decided To Call Her Doris

Sorry I have been MIA lately. I wasn't even gone for anything good. No vaction or anything. Summer just got way to crazy and now I'm going to try and stay on track. Yesterday I got a Free People catalog in the mail and had no idea what it was. So naturally, I fired up google and went looking to see what I could find out. There are some cute things there, but not all of it is. So here you are, enjoy.
Top Right: Am I the only one who thinks that these boxers would be so amazing to sleep in? Just look at them! There is no way that those wouldn't be comfortable. $38 here.
Bottom Right: This Ocean Drop neclace is so simple, yet it looks stunning. The color of the chalcedony stone is beautiful and the lines a clean. A too much $128 here. Why are you so expensive?
Top Middle: On sale! Yes that's right, this Boyfriend bracelet is only $39.95 down from $58. Still too damn expensive for this, but oh well it's cute. I like the copper-y color of the chunky chain. It really sets of the medallion? Is that the right word? Anyway, get it here.
Bottom Middle: Yet more proof that my jewelry collection must be owned by five people. The Bubble rings are just too fun and bright not to show you. They make me happy just looking at them! They're $12 each, kind of pricy. You could probably find cheaper ones at Forever 21, though. Here.
Left: This dress just speaks to me. It is a rugby-stribes, empire-waisted, lace detailed bodice, cute dress. Mouthful, huh? Unfortunately, the picture doesn't do it justice. I wouldn't use the long-sleeve thermal under it probably, but then again you never know. $108 here.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Stop Dressing Like Little Bo Peep and He'll Stop Peeking

Here are some lovely goodies from Modishoppe. I love Modish and was so excited when she got this shop. There are some awesome goods in there so check it out!
Top left: This necklace has a nice, romantic feel to it. It has the dictionary meaning of "friendly" with a black bead to accent it. It's from Modishoppe and made by Foundling and it's $40.
Bottom Left: This screened pillow cover showcases a row of buildings with an icy blue tree in front with birds. I love it. This pillow cover would definately add some sophistication to any room . Unfortunately, it is sold out on Modishoppe, but I liked it so much I am showing it to you anyway. Made by Jenna Rose.
Top Right: This "diamond" necklace is made from glazed pink porcelain. It is a fun new way to wear "diamonds"! The necklace has a cracked, aged feel to it and really could work with anything. Again, it's from Modishoppe and made by Lusterbunny. $25.
Bottom Right: I absolutely love the colors on this hoodie. The bright teal heart/damask print nicely contrasts the chocolate brown of the hoodie. You can tell just by looking at it that it'sgoing to be soft and on the inside it's lined with fleece! I really think that this hoodie would look nicely in just about anyone's wardrobe. From Modishoppe, made by Noo Works. $72.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

His Nemesis? Did We Break Up?

Okay. I know I have been away for a while. I was on a mini vacation for 4th of July. It was so much fun and we launched off a lot of fireworks. The best part was getting to see my cousins whom I have not seen or hung out with in too long. So to get back on track here, I will show a little graphic tee-ness for all. This tee is from Delia's and I love it. I am a fan of these doodle-esque shirts, yet I do not own one. Why? I'm not sure but I may be getting this one. What's not to like? $22.

This one is very similar to the French Fry and Taco shirt that they made. I think I may actually like this one less, but this one is a Hot Dog and Chinese Carton! Plus, it's pink and I need to integrate more of this color into my wardrobe. Delia's for $24. Ahh. A whale, so adorable and fun. Come on, seriously. Can any of you say you have seen a cartoon whale and not fallen in love? Have you not gone "He is so cute!"? A bonus is that it is a hockey style shirt, I am getting into those lately. From Alloy and it's $24.50.
And last but not least, my favorite. I have seen this shirt around for quite a while and even have a picture of the drawing on my bulletin board. I love Golden Girls, I have ever since I was little. It is just so awesome, I will let you just bask in it..............okay basking's over. The only gripe I have ( and it's a small one) is the color. I just on no way look good in gol-ish yellow. Sigh...
At Palmer Cash for $21.97.