Friday, August 24, 2007

Pusy Queen Of Slut Town

I never paid attention to Rilo Kiley until a few months ago. That was when I heard Jenny Lewis' voice. It is so mesmerizing and beautiful. I love it. So naturally, I bought her CD and it was good. Although, there was only one song I really listened to, but that one I loved. Then yesterday I saw this on iTunes. And seeing as I had money to burn I bought a few songs. I really, really love them. Soem people say this CD is a sell-out or whatever. Who cares? They still sound amazing. My favorites are: Dejalo, Close Call(favorite)Silver Lining, The Moneymaker, and The Anels Hung Around.Give this CD a listen. You won't regret it.
Also, check out The Brunettes. They have a different sound to them, but worth it. Her voice is haunting and melodic. I bought: Small Town Crew ( favorite), Stereo, Her Hairagami Set, and Wall Poster Star. Seriously, Small Town Crew is worh 99 cents.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Truck Driving Magic Mama

Hoodies! Seriously, I don't think there is anything in this world I love more than hoodies. Except pineapple and Diet Dr. Pepper.
Top Right: It's pretty much plain, but I still like it. Plus, fleece. Yeah. I just want to curl up in it, it looks that comfy. Here for $39.50.
Bottom Right: PacSun. Haven't been there in ages... maybe I should start again? The blue- teal color is one of my favorites. It's reversible- both sides are beautiful- and that's about it. Plain, simple, pretty hoodie. And in my book that makes it news worthy. Here for $59.50.
Middle: Everything in me screams "Hate this!" I'm not sure why, just does. And yet, I find myself not able to. The awkward shape looks weird, but I can just imagine wearing it. It feels right. Plus the short sleeves- it all seems to work. Here for $233. Ha yeah right.
Top Left: I've always has a thing for stripes. I don't own a lot, but I like pretty much anyhting that is striped. This is yet another fleece-y hoodie and it's from Hollister. I don't shop there, but the logo isn''t that obtrusive and it is so pretty! I also love the green color. Here for $44.50.
Bottom Left: Free People. I have really begun taking a liking to Free People lately. I just wish there was a store around me. From what I can tell, it's terry cloth with flannel accents. Now, I've never liked flannel, but since it's such a small amount I think it works. It adds a certain vibe. Here for $78.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No Clever Post Title... Makes Me Sad

I know I am horrible. I am scum. I am, well maybe not scum. I've let my life completely override this blog and all the wonderful people who read. To tell the turth, I never thought anybody would read it. So thank you and yay me! Haha just kidding. Now that school has officially started and soccer has begun again, I will make time for you. I have a whole hour dedicated to it in my planner. Yes, i have a planner- was not my idea.
Now, since it won't let me upload pictures tonight- I tried 5 times- I just wanted you to know that I will come back to you. Now you don't have to pull out your hair ( haha). An I think I have run out of Veronica Mars title for my posts. Perhaps it's time to pick a new show? Oh well, we'll see tomorrow what it is.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Chesty LaRue

I fear I have completely neglected you my gentle readers. ( I have always wanted to say that!) Hopefully, now that my life is not so out of whack and crazy, I can once again devote my time to oyu. SO enjoy four favorites from Urban Outfitters and one special one from Fred Flare. I saw Nicole Richie wear this Disney Couture Castle necklace a long time ago. Since then, I have been continuously on the hunt for it. And guess what? I found it, now all I ahev to do is find $80 to blow on it. Hmm...
This Arcade Print Tee is just plain fun. It is a basic, simple gray. Yet, the graphics add a puch which keeps it from being boring. I'm thinking of getting it for back to school. It's just the sort of laid back-ishness I love for the first few months of school. $28.

Truly Madly Deeply Striped Hoodie. Come on! A name like that alone makes me want it. It's bright, it's comfy, it's all good. I live in hoodies or sweaters everyday. I am always wearing one, no matter the weather. I think it's an addiction. Pretty much started when my best friend and I would wear sweatshirts everyday, all day no matter what in 5th grade. Hm, something to ponder. $54. Part sophistication, part do whatever the hell you want with it. That is the thing I love about basics and such like this. I can do no matter what to it and it will still look good. This Lux Herringbone Tweed Mini, is what I have been looking for. Well, sort of. I was looking for one exactly like this, except without the pinstripe. Oh well, take what you can get. $38.

And finally. A VERY preppy, VERY innocent-y dress. It is actually a Free People, but it is on the Urban Outfiters website so, it works. Polka Dot Open Back Dress- the mint green color reminds me of summer and a new school year. Both. I love the way the striped band breaks up the allover white polka dots. $88.