Sunday, July 8, 2007

Stop Dressing Like Little Bo Peep and He'll Stop Peeking

Here are some lovely goodies from Modishoppe. I love Modish and was so excited when she got this shop. There are some awesome goods in there so check it out!
Top left: This necklace has a nice, romantic feel to it. It has the dictionary meaning of "friendly" with a black bead to accent it. It's from Modishoppe and made by Foundling and it's $40.
Bottom Left: This screened pillow cover showcases a row of buildings with an icy blue tree in front with birds. I love it. This pillow cover would definately add some sophistication to any room . Unfortunately, it is sold out on Modishoppe, but I liked it so much I am showing it to you anyway. Made by Jenna Rose.
Top Right: This "diamond" necklace is made from glazed pink porcelain. It is a fun new way to wear "diamonds"! The necklace has a cracked, aged feel to it and really could work with anything. Again, it's from Modishoppe and made by Lusterbunny. $25.
Bottom Right: I absolutely love the colors on this hoodie. The bright teal heart/damask print nicely contrasts the chocolate brown of the hoodie. You can tell just by looking at it that it'sgoing to be soft and on the inside it's lined with fleece! I really think that this hoodie would look nicely in just about anyone's wardrobe. From Modishoppe, made by Noo Works. $72.


*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

They are so kl i especially like the cushion

summa07babes said...

i love stores like this wea have one in hampton baltimore it is call dubble dutch it is the cutest little store in the world : ) o check out almost positive you'll love there stuff!