Sunday, June 3, 2007

I Don't Have Time To Be Responsible For Everything That Goes Wrong In Your LIfe

This is the second part of my summer extravaganza!
This swimsuit is pretty much unattainable, but use it as a guide. That's what all my posts are for, really. I love the diagonal stripes. By Ashley Paige. This one, on the other hand, is completely possible. This number is from American Eagle Outfitters. The top is $24.95 and the bottoms are $19.95. I love the colors and the way it looks in person, so beautiful.
This swimsuit is perfect for summer. The blue is bright and the heart and stripes add a little flair to it. For some odd reason I love side-ties. Go check it out at Pac Sun. It's Billabong and the bikini top is $24.99 as are the bottoms. So cute! This one is my absolute fav out of the bunch. It is by Tommy Hilfiger by way of Delia's and It to die for. I like the anchor and rope on the top. I adds a fun little kick to an otherwise basic suit. Here for $37.50 and $33.50 for the top and bottoms, respectively.

This one by Raisins Swimwear is adorable. It seems like a fun, easy option for your beach-going needs! I'm not sure where to purchase this, but if you go to their website and search for your state you just might be able to find out. :)

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