Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Are you always this persnickety? Sometimes I'm even persnicketier.

I absolutely love bags and everything that looks like a bag. At one time I had so many bags that my mother went on a rampage and made me give away most of them. Now I think I am over compensating because I have about as much as I did then. Time to hide them I guess. These are all from Urban Outfitters. This is so awesome. This Art Series canvas tote is bright, fun, and can hold just about everything. I believe the print is from Mark Allen Miller. $38.
I have been trying to get this burlap doctor bag for a few months now. I would buy it in a heartbeat, unfortunately I do that a lot. I am now officially broke. It is very big, but so cute and you could put just about anything in it and carry it where ever. You want the Aqua/brown colre scheme, because it looks better than the cream/brown, trust me. $58.
This printed cord tote in teal w/ hot pink is too cool. Yes I said 'too cool', what of it? Didn't think so. It's on sale right now and it would be so perfect for the beach or anytime during the summer. $ 24.99.

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