Wednesday, June 27, 2007

But If You're Like Me, You Just Keep Chasing The Storm

Kristen Bell, Kristen Bell,Kristen Bell. Why are you so hit or miss in your fashion choices. Now, in the past you have made more than your share of mistakes( I am willing to forget all about them under one condition). You need to wear things like these two dresses. Finally, you have started to look like the amazing star you are. But did you have to wait til your show was over? Anyway I love you, as was said on your tv show you are as "cute as a button", and now (finally) I can add stylish to the list! Yay!. I am not a huge fan of this ( mainly because of the shoes) but I will cut you some slack. It is definitely better than some outfits you have worn. You look cute. Just one word of advice: lose those shoes. they are absolutely hideous!

Hallelujah! This dress is fantastic. You hit a home run every way imaginable. The blue color is good, the dress itself is good, and I don't hate the shoes. Yay! You look so fresh and cute in this one, definitely the best dressed! I really do love you in this dress. Pleas keep it up!


summa07babes said...

your right hate the first ones shoes but the 2nd pic it fab-boo

(still luv'n your blog!)

Anonymous said...

oo i like the second, it's interesting how it fades in and out.

alexgirl said...

You are so right about Kristen Bell. Why are her outfits always so Hit or Miss? Who knows. But she seems like a really sweet girl. She's very active in ASPCA, I think. and I loved loved loved Veronica Mars. sob.
That 2nd dress is tres cute.