Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Truck Driving Magic Mama

Hoodies! Seriously, I don't think there is anything in this world I love more than hoodies. Except pineapple and Diet Dr. Pepper.
Top Right: It's pretty much plain, but I still like it. Plus, fleece. Yeah. I just want to curl up in it, it looks that comfy. Here for $39.50.
Bottom Right: PacSun. Haven't been there in ages... maybe I should start again? The blue- teal color is one of my favorites. It's reversible- both sides are beautiful- and that's about it. Plain, simple, pretty hoodie. And in my book that makes it news worthy. Here for $59.50.
Middle: Everything in me screams "Hate this!" I'm not sure why, just does. And yet, I find myself not able to. The awkward shape looks weird, but I can just imagine wearing it. It feels right. Plus the short sleeves- it all seems to work. Here for $233. Ha yeah right.
Top Left: I've always has a thing for stripes. I don't own a lot, but I like pretty much anyhting that is striped. This is yet another fleece-y hoodie and it's from Hollister. I don't shop there, but the logo isn''t that obtrusive and it is so pretty! I also love the green color. Here for $44.50.
Bottom Left: Free People. I have really begun taking a liking to Free People lately. I just wish there was a store around me. From what I can tell, it's terry cloth with flannel accents. Now, I've never liked flannel, but since it's such a small amount I think it works. It adds a certain vibe. Here for $78.

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the red monster said...

love hoodies when i am at home and want some chill clothes to snuggle in!!!