Sunday, May 27, 2007

Annoy tiny blonde one, annoy like the wind.

I decided that for my first post I would show you some of my current jewelry favs from FredFlare.

I love this necklace- it's so cute and it embodies such innocence and love.If I had it you couldn't pay me to take it off. Plus it's only $10.
Perfect for Summer.It gives off such a carefree vibe and I would wear it even outside of Summer when you just need to relax. The necklace and earring set is $20.
I absolutely adore this necklace. It looks so elegant and it is just perfect for when you want to glam up an outfit or just want to feel like a ballerina. I know I would. There is only one left so go get it! Then i can hate you forever. $80.


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